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About Us

Neko Yarn is a company that thrives on the happiness of Anime lovers, Convention attendees, and anyone who owns cats or just loves the Feline culture!

Our Yarn toys will keep you or your pet entertained for hours, at conventions patrons use them to keep themselves entertained while waiting in long lines and people like to give them as little gifts for their kitties at home.

So come on in and check it out, there are goodies for everyone, even the geeky gamers who we love so much because we can highly relate!

                                                          ~Becky aka:15 ~ Owner.

Neko Yarn started during the 2007 Minnesota Renaissance festival season.  I, Becky, was working out there with a close friend of mine who we will call -03- to protect his identity,  he was playing my son/cat.  During the season I noticed that things might go better for him if he had some sort of toy to play with on the streets and a yarn ball seemed to be a perfect fit for a cat-boy.   

After spending a week making him one and bringing it out to festival for him to play with we had a lot of people asking about it and wanting one of their own.


I couldn't resist the opportunity to share these creations with the world and after meeting someone who shared my passion for making yarn goodies Neko Yarn was born.

My partner in all this is Ryan.  We met at the Renaissance Fair and he loved the yarn ball ideas and asked to help with the idea, I knew I could never do it all alone and he became a valuable piece of the whole yarn puzzle.

Since it all began you might have seen us in various places including the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, Anime Detour, Anime Iowa, and other various conventions. 
If you happen to be at an Anime Convention or at the Renaissance faire in Shakopee, MN,  look for the people with lots of yarn balls and chances are you found us so step on up and say hi and experience  the yarny goodness for yourself!

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