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Balls, Cubes, Etc...

All of our yarn toys are made by hand which means they are completly customizable! 

We do lettering, numbers for die, and depending on what the design is we might throw out a design or two.

For cubes specficly we can make companion cubes either out of yarn or if you're the daring type, safety pins.

If it's for a cosplay outfit we will do our best to match your colors and add the extra flare that goes with your charecter, for example we've had our ninja companions put Shirkins (not live steel of course) in balls or cubes for handles or just cause it looks cool.

There are many many colors to choose from as far as yarn goes, we also have multicolored yarns which are great for raver balls.   If you have any questions regarding a color or color pattern just let us know and we'd be glad to work with you to make sure your100% satisfied with your ball or cube or even triangle.

And yes I did just say Triangle! 
We mentioned that we offer sets of gaming dice made out of yarn and we wouldn't be able to offer that if we weren't able make different shapes. Besides the balls and cubes we also feature Triangles, Diamonds such as the ones featured above the heads of Sims charecters, Cylinders, and we're working on other shapes too but that's top secret for now!

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